Tips for your Portrait Session:

Whether a family session at the beach, or individuals in a natural setting, our goal is to capture images with a relaxed, spontanious feeling.

We'll be shooting many frames and run through a variety of poses to keep things moving and interesting.

Above all... relax, enjoy, and have fun. We'll capture that image so you can cherish the memories!

Family Beach Portraits:

  • Your preference rules! Browsing other photos is a great way to envision what most suits you.
  • Simple and comfortable attire tends to be the most appropriate for a beach session. Sandals or barefoot... not a problem!
  • Some groups may go for a similar look, while others mix it up. Just keep your colors complimentary in addition to the level of formality.
  • Hair, beach, & wind... get the picture? It's up to Mother Nature. Hair accessories can be helpful.
  • Quick-change artist: Bring an extra top. Throwing on a sweater can add variety to your session.
  • Beach sessions occur in the last hour before sunset.
  • We take advantage of the different scenery at the location, and have plenty of time for different groupings.

Fashion, Fun, & HS Senior Sessions:

  • Sky's the limit here! Again, browsing other photos for ideas is a good start.
  • Sports, hobbies, & personal interests are good themes. Props are useful.
  • Variety is the spice! Clothing and scenery changes provide fresh looks and add fun.

Having fun is part of our sessions. It shows in the pictures. There is no rush! We're there to get the images you'll cherish. So we'll snap away, relax, and let it come! Please enjoy!

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