Viewing Your Portrait Session Images:

Two services are provided for viewing and ordering the prints from your portrait session.

A link and password will be emailed when your galleries are available for viewing. Galleries may not be available until 14 days after a Portrait Session.

The use of two services provides you with the greatest range of options and value. Select a link to the right for a demo of the galleries.

Pro-Lab Gallery

  • Professionally oriented photo lab
  • Customized attention to your selected images
  • To ensure maximum quality, the original files are used to individually adjust for the crop size, color-correction, touch-up for blemishes, and then uploaded to the lab
  • Recommended for the finest quality and display
  • Images remain online for 30 days

Shutterfly-Pro Gallery

  • Self-serviced for lower prices and faster turn-around
  • Great quality from batch-edited files uploaded from your session
  • Optimized for 8x10 and smaller prints
  • Photo gifts such as mugs, note cards, mouse pads, and more
  • Images remain online indefinitely
  • Digital Downloads to purchase your favorite image files (optimized for 8x10 and smaller). Provides the ability to do what you want with the images (non-commercial purposes only)

Both galleries feature interactive slideshows with the same images. The Pro-Lab Gallery has nicer features and more attractive layout. For the initial viewing the Pro-Lab Gallery is recommended.

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